The Kindle Versus Book Debate

THE BIG ROYALTY DEBATE What makes the difference between $2.00 and $0.20? I will say, I have tried to work with Amazon Kindle but over the years, they have changed so much! When I started writing as a self-published author back in 2012, all we had were books that, when published through CreateSpace (of whichContinue reading “The Kindle Versus Book Debate”

The Toyota And Perceived Value

LOOKING LOGICALLY In essence, we must look at this logically. A recent study found that 40% of eBook sales are going to self-published authors. Does this mean that harnessing a company behind your book hurts it or benefits it? I am in-between the debate here, as I use this website (Circle 5 Publishing) as myContinue reading “The Toyota And Perceived Value”

Your Book Is A Product, Not Art!

IS YOUR BOOK ART? Nope. It is a product, and you are a businessman/woman. As a Literary Consultant, I have to give a lot of people the bad news: their manuscript is a piece of art but the moment it becomes available to buy, i.e. as print or an eBook, it becomes a product. InContinue reading “Your Book Is A Product, Not Art!”

5 Steps To Increase A Book Sale

5 STEPS TO INCREASE A BOOK SALE  With over 792 books published daily on, and even more on Kindle, I am often asked how to increase sales. I suffice to say, this is not every writer’s opinion. You will find guides on tactics, mostly those of a guerilla matrix, but I warn you: theseContinue reading “5 Steps To Increase A Book Sale”

Your Website & Web Presence

SOCIAL MEDIA MASTERY From social media to something as simple as a website or a blog, it is crucial to have more than just the bare basics when you launch your book. In fact, it is almost tantamount to treason if you do not have a website for your book prior to launch, as thisContinue reading “Your Website & Web Presence”